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Thoughts From A Pastor's Wife's Heart

March 14, 2010

Setting The Stage
2 Chron. 5:13 tells how the singers and musicians had joined together to make one sound praising and thanking God. They began to set the stage by saying, "For He is good, for His mercy and loving-kindness endures forever." It was in this atmosphere the glory came in and filled the house. The glory, the manifested presence of God, came into the church to the extent that V14 tells us, "…the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled the house of God." The Lord shared with us that when our praise & worship team stepped in- stepped up & stepped out, it was a beginning of us, as a body, stepping over into a new realm. I would say this "new realm" is moving into the deeper things of God. They will be helping us to enter into a deeper realm of praising and worshipping our Father, thus setting the atmosphere for the glory to come in, and creating an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to move as He sees fit. How can just adding 3 singers make a difference? Logically they wouldn’t. They’re not accomplished singers and they have little experience, but the answer is, because God said to. Three people with hearts to serve, hearts for God and hungry for the more will cause a shifting in the atmosphere. Shift = to go through a change; a means for effecting an end; a change in emphasis or attitude; a transfer. I truly believe as we all hook up, we will see a shift in the atmosphere. It has always been great, but we are contending for the glory. The Lord also shared with us that the services from this point would no longer be "church as usual but unusual." One of the definitions of unusual is uncommon. The definition of uncommon is "not ordinarily encountered, remarkable; exceptional." So each time we come expecting and join together as one, lifting our voices in praise and worship, magnifying God we can expect the glory, His mani-fested presence, to fill our church in a "remarkable and exceptional" way.
Mrs. Jeannine

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